Saturday, 14 July 2012

Andrew Barton Hair Products

This is the range of classic 'Happy Shiny Hair' products.
And the picture is off Andrews website itself.
Andrew Barton Hair Products:
(award winning celebrity hairdresser and TV's favourite hair expert)

i personally being a trained hairdresser love Andrew Barton. Most of you will probably recognise him from 10 years younger. He was the hairdresser/stylist on there. He has done so much for himself. He is famous for his down to earth approach to hairdressing. He has over 25 years experience working with different hairdressing brands. And now he has created his own hair and beauty products and i was lucky enough to have got some. This is where my review on his products comes in.
I'm going to a review on a few products from the range 'Shiny Happy Hair'

LOVE TEXTURE: sexy style creme - I love this cream you apply it to the hair when it is wet and work it through to the ends of your hair. This is a really good protective agent to stop any damage to the hair when blow-drying or using tongs/hair straighteners. It smells gorgeous very fruity and the texture is really thick so from that you know its going to give you good coverage and protection in the hair. I have a 50ml bottle. It was part of a set i got for Christmas! and I still have it. I love it and use it every now and then on my hair. You can pick this up from exclusively from ASDA!

THE STRAIGHT ANSWER: hot iron protection spray - This spray is a miracle! The fragrance is amazing. you apply this to the hair when its wet/dry especially to the frazzled ends of your hair and it helps protect from the heat from your straighteners! It really does help. I've recently dip dyed my hair and this has helped me get through my hair with a brush because its been in such bad condition I really recommend it. Once again you can pick this up exclusively from ASDA.

GLOSS BOSS: no frizz shine serum - Pump a small amount of serum into the palm of your hand rub together and gently stroke through the length and ends of your hair. This really works a treat! Makes the hair soooo smooth and helps keep the hair looking soft and shiny! You can again pick this up exclusively from ASDA.