Monday, 29 July 2013

Review of my TOP 3 Foundations.

So in this post I'm going to give you a quick review on my TOP 3 foundations that i use on a day to day bases. DISCLAIMER: These views are of my own. I'm not saying that these are true and i am not saying that i am in any way a professional and am trained in any of these areas. These are just my reviews from a fan of these brands after I've tried them out myself.

Rimmel London - Wake Me Up Foundation - in 200 Soft Beige:

For me personally i love this product. It has a shimmer to it which most people may not like. I know a few friends who prefer more matte finish  But i love the shimmer i feel like it gives me a really healthy glow. And this product in particular has quite a duey finish and makes me look and feel more awake and vibrant. You can pick this up in Boots for about £7.99 so its more on the affordable end and feels like a higher end product anyway.

MAC - Studio Sculpt Foundation - in NW25: 

So this product is at the higher end coming in at a price of around £25. I picked this up after going into Debenhams and i decided i'll sit down and have my make-up done by mac themselves. And as soon as this product hit my skin i knew it was meant to be. I love the finish it gives you. Its quite a heavy foundation I'd say you would more the definitely feel like you have it on your skin but it does make your skin look flawless. I don't wear this foundation every day i don't feel like i need to because i like to wear a lighter coverage from day to day just to make sure my skin is getting some air and isn't always caked on. If I'm going on a night out this is my go-to foundation. Because i know that it will last all night and make my skin look amazing. I'd definitely recommend this product if you like a full coverage foundation that lasts. But an alternative that i think gives quite a similar look that is more affordable is the Wake me Up foundation by Rimmel London.

Maybelline - FIT Me Foundation - in 210: 

This product is definitely a light coverage foundation. I find it to be quite a watery consistency. This is my go-to product if I'm looking for something light that i can pop on to go to the shops that will get rid of my blotchy skin give me a bit of glow but not really look like I'm wearing much or trying too hard. It would also be a fantastic foundation if you have quite clear skin and don't really suffer with any spots/blemishes. You can pick this up in Boots for around £5-£6.   

25 Facts About Me!

1. My middle name is Thelma-Jane

2. I used to play alot of football

3. I used to act, sing and dance

4. I once fell off a upside down large toy car and smashed my head open on my patio!

5. I was in the accident book at school almost every week.

6. My mum covered up my chicken pox with foundation when i was younger so that i could do a acting show i was meant to be in because i really wanted to do it.

7. I am one of the least fussiest eaters you'll come across. I eat anything!

8. I'm shy when you first meet me and then i do turn into a total head case.

9. I talk really fast to the point people have to tell me to slow down and start again!

10. I have a slight obsession with make-up and clothes. I cant help but spend a lot of my money on them even though I'm meant to be saving.

11. I'm a bit of a clean freak when it comes to my bedroom. Everything has a place and if its not there then i know its been touched by someone.

12. I've had loads of phones in my life time and the only one that i haven't lost is my iPhone that i have now.

13. I'm a very unlucky person but then lucky at the same time! I Always lose things, but then i find them again.

14. My lucky number is 13! Because i find that its everyone's unlucky number and because I'm so unlucky it should be my lucky number.

15. I always lose socks! 

16. I have a slight obsession with YouTube. I check it every night before i go to sleep.

17. I sing to myself all the time. But I'm like a rabbit in headlights when I'm asked to sing in front of someone.

18. I have a really bad sleeping pattern, i'm always finding other things to do then sleep. (I'd get so much more done without sleep)

19. I find it hard to trust people. It always seems that whatever i say to someone gets around to someone else.

20. I'm secretly quite a jealous person. But i'll never show it.

21. I hate not having my nails painted. The only time you'll see me with bare nails is if I'm at work or about to go to work.

22. It REALLY bothers me when I'm doing something and someone's wittering away in my ear. I get really angry and more then likely will tell you to shut up until I'm done. especially if I'm trying to text someone something important!

23. I don't have a best friend. I find it hard to find someone that will be there for me and not move on to someone else.

24. I have a slight obsession with Twitter. I'm always tweeting and if i haven't for like 1 day people start to worry.

25. My favourite type of food would have to be Italian. I LOVE pasta and pizza.

I thought i'd do a little facts about me so you all get to know me a little bit better. I found it quite hard to think of some random facts. But i know i'll go away now and think of loads more. I enjoyed doing this and i may have to do some more.