Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Starting off: lipstick/lipgloss


This weeks #theSOproject is based on Lipstick and Lip gloss. So I've rummaged through my make-up and decided on a few of my favourite lipsticks to show you. I hope you like it :)

In this picture i show my 'Colour Couture Lip Liner' In a dark pinky red. I got this in a set at Christmas so it doesn't actually have a name and if it did it would be on the box but I unfortunately don't own the box any more :( I love to put this on to outline my lips before i put on my 'MAC Please Me' Lipstick which you will see more on as you get further down this post.

here I have my favourite Rimmel London lip products. 

Starting with the left, this is 'Lasting Finish Lipstick in 210 Coral In Gold' I love this lipstick. Its an orangey red colour and comes out so lovely. It has shimmer in it which I love which leaves it with more of a glossy finish and doesn't feel like my lips are going to dry out. It lasts ages and I don't feel like I have to keep going to top it up. 

On the right i have 'Lasting Finish By Kate in 110 Rogue A Levres' this is my all time favourite from the Kate Moss range. Its a matte finish so it gives a really strong but beautiful look. Its so pigmented and a really gorgeous red. It smells and tastes amazing on the lips I could wear it all the time although it isn't really a wearable colour for day to day. It lasts ages, I went for a family party and I put it on in the morning at around 10am and I didn't have to reapply till about 6pm that evening and I had been eating and drinking all day.

This is 'MAC in Please Me' I love the smell and taste of this lipstick its so nice to have something on your lips that doesn't feel like play dough if you like. Its a matte finish but it still feels moisturising and refreshing for the lips. I love the colour 'Please Me' its a really nice day to day colour which is exactly why i picked it. I don't really have the confidence to wear a bright red or pink lipstick from day to day. So this light pink is prefect. I love Macs packaging as well it looks really professional and pretty. This retails for £15.

Lastly these are some Lip Gloss/Balms that I love. I recommend all of these they are so good for the lips. I won't go into lots of detail on all of them as I'll be here forever but i just thought I'd quickly show you what ones i love and recommend for if you ever see them and want to pick them up. They are all so fantastic.

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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Starting Off: Eyeshadow.


This is the 'SLEEK eye shadow Palette in Au Naturel 601' First, I'm going to start with eyebrows - I personally feel that a powder gives a more natural look. fills it in but its isn't as sharp. I use the colours 'Cappuccino' and 'Bark' mixed together for my perfect combination. To apply i use an angled brush. I haven't got a brand angled brush ATM and I'm hoping to pick up the 'MAC 208 Angled Brow Brush'.

Next, Eye Shadow - I just like to put a simple natural colour over my lids on a day to day base's and my most used colour would have to be 'Honeycomb' its just a light colour and isn't too stand out. And of course  if I'm feeling daring or I'm going somewhere a bit more fancy I will pop 'Bark' into the crease to give a slight smoky eye.

On a night out i like to go fro something a bit more dramatic and in this palate i go for the dark colours. 'Mineral Earth' to add a bit of shimmer 'Regal' and 'Noir'. This style was inspired by one of the lovely Pixiwoo Lady's.. the tutorial is here if you're interested: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9gWua57cg8.

This palate is £7.99 from http://www.pomltd.com or you can pick it up in Superdrug. 

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See You Next Time Sweethearts

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Everyone's Different

Today's post is going to be a little bit different to normal. Its more of a health and lifestyle post and a message to you all. I'm sure a lot of people can relate to me. Recently I've been getting a little bit annoyed at what everyone is aspiring to be like. Looking at people like Lucy Mecklenburgh and skinny models. Don't get me wrong i think shes beautiful and shes worked really hard to achieve her figure in a healthy way. But what i want to say is that EVERYONE is different. Don't aspire to be like other people to fit in or to join the crowd. I want people to remember that curvy and natural is still beautiful. Don't feel like you need to join up to the Gym, watch your calories, starve yourself. I know this can be a touchy subject but i know myself personally seeing all these people go on about the gym makes me feel a tad body conscious. I feel like i need to go to the gym and watch what i eat when in actual fact, i should be happy with the way i am. If YOU want to set a goal and become fitter then that's fantastic but make sure you're doing it for YOU and not to fit in with everyone else.


'You are all beautiful no matter what you look like'


Saturday, 5 October 2013

Hair Care

Hair care for me is very important. I'm a qualified hairdresser so I know how important it is to take care of your hair. If you want that long healthy hair and your wondering why your hair isn't growing It's probably because your hair is in bad condition and you need to give it a good trim or start using products to help protect it. If you don't use any products and you keep putting heated equipment on your hair your hair is going to become dry and brittle on the ends and every time you brush it its going to break off and that's more then likely why you think your hair isn't growing!
I see a lot of girls that came into our salon that haven't taken care of their hair and they most common question is 'why isn't my hair growing?' and that's often the reason why.

What Products do I use to wash my hair?


I love this shampoo from John Frieda in 'Brilliant Brunette' Its Enhancing formula with crushed pearls and sweet almond oil brings out rich, multi-dimensional brunette tones and adds shine! It smells so so good and because its such a good formula you don't have to use a lot and it goes a long way. The packaging looks really professional and i just love the squeezable bottle. Its brilliant for coloured hair and helps keep it looking its best for up to 12 weeks *based on 3 wash's a week*
You can pick this up from Boots for £5.99


I'm a huge fan of Herbal Essences and have been for a very long time. Their TV adverts used to make me laugh and made the brand very memorable for me. 
I colour my hair as I'm naturally A LOT lighter then I am so I'm always looking for affordable colour conditioners to help keep my hair looking vibrant for weeks. This conditioner for me is a saint it does exactly what it says it keeps my hair soft and shiny and it smells divine. Its really creamy and will bring our your natural shine and help replenish your hairs moisture balance AND of course leave a beautiful smell of rose in your hair for days!

What do i use to Colour my hair?

I get alot of people ask me.. Is your hair naturally that dark? How comes your hair is so shiny? What products do you use?
I thought I'd show you a high street brand that I use to colour my hair. I would go on about all the stuff they use in salons but what use it that to you? You might as well go to a salon and get help from them. I thought I'd tell you about a brand that I think its just as good as the stuff we use in salons that's affordable and great coverage.
I use nice'n'easy whenever I dye my hair. I don't know but I just haven't found another brand that i like. I love the amount of conditioner that comes with it how it smells. Its great at returning your hair back to your natural PH level as when you dye your hair you change it. The colour I use is 121A Natural Darkest Brown. I like my hair really dark. I used to dye it black but i now think that's a bit too harsh for my hair and i thought I'd take it a shade lighter. Its strong but it lasts for weeks and doesn't fade. Leaves my hair looking shiny and it doesn't make it look dull and bland.

You can pick up this brand from any high street drug stores. I picked mine up from Boots, it was 2 for £10.

What after-care products do I use?

I literally can't go wrong with Aussie products! I think they are so so good. They are affordable products that genuinely do what they say I can't rave about them enough.
The leave in conditioner is fantastic gets rid of any knots that I may be finding hard to remove and leaves my hair knot free. THEY SMELL SO DAMN GOOD. They have a drop of Australian jojoba seed oil which helps de-tangle and protect. So good to pop in your bag if you're heading to the beach and your getting your hair wet. You just spray it evenly through towel dried hair and comb through. There is no need to wash it out as its a leave in conditioner. If you want some serious conditioning though I would recommend the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Conditioner.
Now for the, Curl Definition Serum - You use this on either wet or dry hair, I normally use it on wet hair through the ends to make brushing through it a lot easier. I then dry and style my hair and pop a bit on all over to stop them little fly aways and to make it soft and bouncy.
You can pick up Aussie products again from boots!!

I REALLY hope you enjoyed this post. If you want any hair care tips or advice then feel free to ask me! You can get me on Twitter: @darryllsbeauty Or just simply leave a comment down below and i will get back to you as soon as i can!