Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Starting off: lipstick/lipgloss


This weeks #theSOproject is based on Lipstick and Lip gloss. So I've rummaged through my make-up and decided on a few of my favourite lipsticks to show you. I hope you like it :)

In this picture i show my 'Colour Couture Lip Liner' In a dark pinky red. I got this in a set at Christmas so it doesn't actually have a name and if it did it would be on the box but I unfortunately don't own the box any more :( I love to put this on to outline my lips before i put on my 'MAC Please Me' Lipstick which you will see more on as you get further down this post.

here I have my favourite Rimmel London lip products. 

Starting with the left, this is 'Lasting Finish Lipstick in 210 Coral In Gold' I love this lipstick. Its an orangey red colour and comes out so lovely. It has shimmer in it which I love which leaves it with more of a glossy finish and doesn't feel like my lips are going to dry out. It lasts ages and I don't feel like I have to keep going to top it up. 

On the right i have 'Lasting Finish By Kate in 110 Rogue A Levres' this is my all time favourite from the Kate Moss range. Its a matte finish so it gives a really strong but beautiful look. Its so pigmented and a really gorgeous red. It smells and tastes amazing on the lips I could wear it all the time although it isn't really a wearable colour for day to day. It lasts ages, I went for a family party and I put it on in the morning at around 10am and I didn't have to reapply till about 6pm that evening and I had been eating and drinking all day.

This is 'MAC in Please Me' I love the smell and taste of this lipstick its so nice to have something on your lips that doesn't feel like play dough if you like. Its a matte finish but it still feels moisturising and refreshing for the lips. I love the colour 'Please Me' its a really nice day to day colour which is exactly why i picked it. I don't really have the confidence to wear a bright red or pink lipstick from day to day. So this light pink is prefect. I love Macs packaging as well it looks really professional and pretty. This retails for £15.

Lastly these are some Lip Gloss/Balms that I love. I recommend all of these they are so good for the lips. I won't go into lots of detail on all of them as I'll be here forever but i just thought I'd quickly show you what ones i love and recommend for if you ever see them and want to pick them up. They are all so fantastic.

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  1. Great post! The Mac please me lipstick looks like such a wonderful everyday colour! I'm not too confident wearing bright reds either :)



  2. love your blog, would you like to follow each other? let me know and I will follow u back dear

  3. Please me is such a lovely shade! I have this lipstick too :)

    Great blog,I'm a new follower :)

    Kimberley x


  4. Love Rimmel Kate Lipsticks x x


  5. Great post your blog is fantastic! do you mind checking out my blog and giving me your opinion on it ? im new :) thanks! xxx