Saturday, 25 January 2014

Happy New Year

I know this post is late and its already nearly February, I wanted to give you all an update a lots changed for me and that's' why I haven't been doing my blog recently.

Firstly, before i do get started on that I want to go over my Happy New Year post from last year and see how many of my resolutions I actually achieved! 

For that post click here: New Year Post 2013

1. Get a job preferably full time:

Yes, i achieved this i now work in Medical Recruitment and I absolutely love my job.

2. Complete and pass my level 2 NVQ hairdressing course:

Also achieved this! I am a fully qualified hairdresser i might not be doing it full time but i still really enjoy it and its something to full back on. I've always had a keen interest in beauty and hair hence why i started my blog.

3. Exercise and eat better:

I did attend the gym for majority of the year, going a lot was a struggle. But i ate well and lost some weight so i guess that's a goal achieved?

4. Pass my driving test and get a car.

This never happened :( but i will be carrying it on to this year. I kind of need to with my new job!

5. Get tickets to a festival:

I failed :(

All in all i think i did reasonably well! Now's time to set myself some new goals:

1. Work my way up in the company i work for and keep excelling.
2. Pass my driving test and get a car!
3. Find myself a lovely boyfriend to take care of me.
4. Try and reach at least 500 blog readers.
5. Try and put money into my saving and not spend it!!

I'm going to again look back on this in a years time and see how much I actually kept too. Its nice to set yourself some goals!
I REALLY hope you have a happy, healthy & stress free year! 
and of course Wish you all the best for 2014!

Now, i haven't blogged properly in a while mainly because i left my old job and became a little skint meaning I couldn't afford to buy a lot of products to review ect. I also then started my new job which does take up a lot of my time. I've been working 6 days a week Tuesday - Sunday 9am - 7pm weekdays and 8am - 3pm on the weekends. It was a brand new job that i took on in the medical industry something that I never knew anything about and it was all really new too me. I work in compliance in the company so I've had to pick up and learn so much stuff about the UK border agency making sure visa's are in date, passports are correct which allows our company to put forward doctors for hospitals all across the UK. So its been like learning and being at college all my effort and dedication has been there making sure i can secure myself a decent job and a decent income. Of course all this has its advantages i can now treat myself to new products and can review a lot more for my blog. Now that I'm a lot more settled in i can stray some of my attention back towards my blog. I'm coming off weekends now to go Monday - Friday which means my lovely readers that i will be setting my upload days to Saturdays/Sundays. I cant wait to get myself a new laptop so i can constantly be making notes and writing up blog posts to post for you all.

I know that was probably a lot to read and I'm sure hardly anyone is still reading at this point but if you are thank you so much for sticking by my blog! Thank you for following me as I have picked up some more followers and views since I've been away which is something I never thought would happen I mean I reached 100 followers and that may not seem a lot but that's amazing for me and a little mile stone I'm happy I met. Its made me very happy and eager to keep going! :)

See you all in my next post!