Sunday, 2 February 2014

OOTD - Tartan Madness

I love this dress its so gorgeous. Its a 'swing dress' I picked it up from eBay i think it was around £13 I've seen it on Vicky from Geordie shore and i fell in love. I paired it with a nice pair or woolly tights and my boots from River Island.

I picked these boots up for £50 just after Christmas. They're suede and have just the perfect heel so I'm able to wear them out and about and they are perfect for work. I also matched it with my River Island watch which i believe was £30.

I hope you like this little mini outfit of the day! I thought I'd just put this up to make-up for the lack of posts recently.

See you in my next post! :)


  1. Hey. I've nominated you for a liesbter award.

  2. Love the tartan printed dress!

    Much Love, M