Sunday, 31 January 2016

Whats in my Bag?

I've seen this tag going round for years! I love it. (Plus I'm very nosey!!)

I recently was very lucky to receive a gorgeous Michael Kors bag for my 22nd Birthday of my lovely boyfriend so I thought what better opportunity then to do a what's in my bag post.

This bag is so so gorgeous. Its called the 'MICHAEL KORS
Bedford large leather cross-body bag' I believe we got it from Selfridges. It has a department to keep your phone and a section to put loose lipsticks and other little things you want to keep safe in one place. Considering it is a clutch size bag you can fit a good amount of stuff in it.
The reason behind me getting this bag was because my boyfriend was tired of us going on days out shopping etc. and I moan because I have a massive handbag with stuff in it I clearly won't need that day and it weighed me down. So he wanted to get me a little bag which allows me to only carry the essentials with me.
Now onto what's in my bag...
My Purse! I got this Christmas 2014 for a Christmas present. Its a Ted Baker purse and I love it. Its got rose gold detailing on it and it is a purse I believe to stay in very good nick. It great material and I would advice anyone to get a ted baker purse I think they are all so beautiful and they do so many different versions.
My Keys. I love to add key rings to my keys that signify different memories from my life. I'm going to ensure every time I go on holiday I get a keyring to represent what a wonderful time I had.
On my keys I have a keyring from Mykonos to show my first ever holiday with my boyfriend. I also have keyring from Rome to show the different places we visited when we was there. I also have a fluffy owl because.... why not?
My go to everyday favourite Mac Lipstick. 'Please Me' I love it because its very subtle but shows you have something on. As you can see from the above picture its well used. This is my second tube and I can't get enough of it still.
Its super creamy on the lips and leaves a lovely matte finish. I love the smell of Mac lipsticks and I love the fact they genuinely last all day even after eating and drinking. I will 100% be repurchasing again after I'm out of this one.

As these winter days get colder and colder I literally couldn't live without this Nivea Lip balm. It keeps my lips hydrated all day round and whenever they start to crack and become dry I whip this out and they feel instantly better! Its so affordable and is one of my favourite lip balms. It doesn't taste of much its very bland but its just a nice clear balm and is very subtle. I do have the Pearly Shine lip balm as well but I don't like the colour it leaves on my lips!

I hope you enjoyed this little blog post just something fun I thought I'd do on this miserable Sunday!

D xxx

Saturday, 23 January 2016

The 30 Day Happy Challenge

After my boyfriend read my last post we sat down and spoke about different ways that could help and improve my way of thinking. He's quite good like that, always there to offer me words of advice and is rather intelligent and knows the right words to say. Although sometimes I am often argumentative back or act as if I don't agree with what he's saying. On reflection I always realise he makes perfect sense.

One of the ideas which he came up with to help me was the '30 day happy challenge'.

The idea of this is to for 30 days try and constantly think happy thoughts. If you're stressed or someone asks you a question at the wrong time try and do the following; as your response/answer/thought process works its way down don't allow it to go through your unhappy/stressed side allow it go venture down to your happy side and allow the thought/response to be positive and don't let it effect you in a negative way.

I'll put my hand up and agree that I'm often one to think negatively and let small things effect me and put me in a unhappy mood. When I'm stressed or under pressure I sometimes let that effect the way I may come across with other people without realising it. The idea of the challenge is to try and push yourself and train yourself to be positive without consciously thinking of it. If within them 30 days you fail and respond to a certain situation in a negative way or speak to someone in away you wouldn't deem positive you would then have to restart the challenge until you complete the full 30 days.

This challenge doesn't have to start at any particular time and you don't have to even let anyone know your doing it. Its down to you and you only to decide if this is something you want to embark in for 30 days.

To some people this challenge might seem daft but to me I think its something that could help to shape me into a more positive and happy person. I may not start it today, I may not start it next week, I may not even start it next month. But when I do I know it will be because I'm ready.

If you decide to take on this challenge let me know how you get on and let me know what your thoughts are or any feeling you get that you may feel needs changing.

D xxx

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

The Struggles Of Emotions

I've always been quite a shy girl. Although I'm sure a lot of people that know me may say otherwise. The truth is, some days all I want to do is stay in bed and not get up and face the world and what the day has to offer.
I work a lot of hours and on the odd occasion it all becomes abit to much for me. It's hard everyday to put on a front and act extremely cheery all day everyday especially when sometimes you struggle to find the time for yourself to just let it all out and feel how you want to feel.
You have to sometimes not be selfish and be confident and happy for the sake of the people around you!
I know I can be difficult and times and I'm not going to lie I'll have a little tantrum every now and then but who doesn't?
As a person wether you are in a position of authority or just doing your day to day business you are an influence on the people around you and one thing I know personally I have to be aware of is how my actions may effect other people. In no way ever do I mean my attitudes or feelings to ever upset or hurt other people but sometimes at that exact moment when you're feeling stressed, anxious, tired, unhappy you don't think about it or what the result will have on people either.
I don't know why and I don't really have a reason as to why some days I'm just sad but on the odd occasion I am. This doesn't mean I want to pack it all in and give up if anything it shows I care.
I believe I care.. I care too much about what people think of me and I care too much about the people i love.

But on the other hand some days I'm extremely happy and I couldn't be a more fun or bubbly person to be around! I get on well with all sorts of people and I like to think when I'm at my best I put my heart and soul into everything. That could be being a girlfriend, a friend at work. I can be great when I'm feeling great.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, don't be afraid to be you and have your down days. These are what make you, you and what help to make you into the person today. I can't deny that all the things I've been through in my life have only pushed me and moved me on to be a stronger person. I might struggle some days to have confidence and believe in myself but I'm constantly learning and improving and finding ways that help me to become a better person. Everyone learns and picks things up in a certain way and everyone does it at different lengths of time. It's always going to be hard to start with like anything but at the end it will all be worth it :)

D xxx

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Revlon Colorstay Nail varnishes

Today's going to be a short post about a new brand of nail varnish I have discovered and now LOVE.

Revlon Colorstay nail varnishes are so extremely affordable and for me I believe it lasts more then some high end nail products.
I have to say the gel envy top coat is very good. It's adds a very high shine to the nails and it drys super quick. It even drys well over the top of other branded nail varnishes so even if you are looking to purchase a new fast drying top coat this may be the one for you. I always struggle to find a good top coat but I finally think I've found my match.

They come in a wide variety of colours from nudes to Bright vibrant blues and reds. One thing I think the collection needs to add more off would be their dark colours. I love a dark black nail with a high shine but when I went into the shop I don't believe they had one like it.

They are widely available for a variety of highstreet drug stores and are roughly around the price of £5 a £6 depending on which shop you go into.

All in all I have to say brilliant purchase and I highly recommend trying them out! You won't regret it.

D xxx

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Goodbye 2015

Wow another year gone, I seriously don't know where the time goes!! This year has been absolutely crazy.


I reached my 21st birthday which was amazing and i spent it with my boyfriend and my family. I went to my dads in Birmingham went for a nice meal with some drinks. That's my favourite type of celebrating these days to be honest. I'm not up for going out and getting smashed out my face in a club anymore it's not my cup of tea at all (however each to their own of course). I had the most amazing 21st. I have however forgot to mention the fact my boyfriend got food poising the night before from putting prawns in the microwave (what an idiot) and was up every half an hour hugging the toilet. Was touch and go to whether we ever made it to my dads in Birmingham! I still to this day hold this against him haha as it was my big 21 after all!!!


March I was taken to London as a belated 21st birthday present by my lovely housemate Jodi. We started by heading off to the London eye which I had never been on before but had always wanted too. Then we headed on for dinner and cocktails and ended up having the funniest night ever. A tour of London on the back of a bike that was being wheeled along was my favourite part of the whole trip.


I finally passed my driving test after years of trying. I passed my theory forth time and my driving test second time (they do say people that pass second time are the best, and I have to say I agree haha). This had to be one of the most nerve racking experiences of my life! I tried to pass originally last October 2014, I went to the test centre for them to tell me my test had been cancelled and moved to November 2014 I was so upset!! Not only did I waste my time getting there but it now meant I had to stress myself out waiting for November to come round. Anyway, after more lessons and practicing i felt abit more confident going into my test but i unfortunately failed due to a major for being in the wrong lane at a junction.. apparently this was enough for a major?? I think I drove pretty well but I'm only the learner right?
After this my confidence was knocked quite a bit and I decided to leave driving for a little bit and concentrate on other things. Until I knew I was ready myself I didn't see why I should keep paying for lessons. The new year came round and I told myself I really want to pass my driving test this year and I knew I was ready for it. So I contacted my driving instructor and he was so so lovely and helped me to feel confident and ready again so when I finally took my second test in may I PASSED!!! I personally thought I would be quite a confident little driver I mean don't get me wrong I'm great at driving and going short little distances like back and forth from work is fine. However, if I have to drive far I get very nervous and I over think it before I leave so much, but when I'm actually driving and I get there I always ask myself what the big deal was about? its other people that scare me :(
I went on a beautiful holiday with my boyfriend to Mykonos. OMG this place was like heaven and we stayed in one of the most beautiful hotels called the Pietra E Mare.
When we arrived we was ever so lucky to be upgraded to the honey moon suit! It was the most beautiful little apartment with the most beautiful view from our room.
 The views were absolutely incredible. Where we was located we was quite a walk away from the towns and restaurants but we only had to catch a bus from the bottom of the hill and it would take you into Mykonos town which was sight to be seen in itself. It was full of cute little allys and cute little boutiques and shops. If you ever visit Mykonos I wouldn't miss the opportunity of going here.

If you want to see more on this holiday let me know and I'll do a separate post all about it.
in october i had a night in London with my best friends. When my friends get dressed up they all look amazing!! We headed to london and went to a roof top bar called Sushisamba it has the most icredible views. I love a sophisticated night out with my ladies its always such good laugh and we always have so much to catch up on espcially as with my full time work i don't get to see them very much. Below is a picture of us, its one of my faves.

I took a flight and visited Rome! It was the most beautiful place i have ever been. The arcutecture on all the buildings was something else. I have to say the driving in Rome is absolutely mental, we arrived off the place made it to a taxi and within 20 minuets I witnessed 2 car crashes!! There aren't any rules on the road I don't think because my god they was literally speeding about and cutting each other up left right and centre. I came back a much calmer driver I reckon as English driving is nothing compared to that .
Our hotel was lovely, we was out the way but perfect walking distance to most of the attractions in Rome.

First day we took a walk to Castle Sant' Angelo which was amazing.

The next day we went to the colosseum which was the most mind boggling thing ever. It was gigantic!! To think the story's that took place there and to imagine what it must have been like is crazy. Most of it has fallen away now but even the structure being there makes you realise what a strong piece of artwork it really is. The photos do it no justice is actually huge!!!

I'll never forget it.

2015 also saw me lose someone very close to me, my Nan. She was the most wonderful, courageous, beautiful person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Her smile was enough to light up a room and her laughter and jokes would have had anyone in stitches. The world lost a diamond but I know that heaven would have gained an angel. Words can not describe how much that lady meant to me but I know she knew it right till the very end.

To be honest, 2015 has been one of the best years of my life to date. It's been spent with some of the most precious and special people in my life and I wouldn't have had it any other way. The people that didn't make it into 2015's memories I've realised are the people that just aren't worth it. As you get older you really do realise who your real friends are. I know right now I have all the people I need and if I only have a handful that will do me just fine.

Thanks for reading. D xxx