Saturday, 23 January 2016

The 30 Day Happy Challenge

After my boyfriend read my last post we sat down and spoke about different ways that could help and improve my way of thinking. He's quite good like that, always there to offer me words of advice and is rather intelligent and knows the right words to say. Although sometimes I am often argumentative back or act as if I don't agree with what he's saying. On reflection I always realise he makes perfect sense.

One of the ideas which he came up with to help me was the '30 day happy challenge'.

The idea of this is to for 30 days try and constantly think happy thoughts. If you're stressed or someone asks you a question at the wrong time try and do the following; as your response/answer/thought process works its way down don't allow it to go through your unhappy/stressed side allow it go venture down to your happy side and allow the thought/response to be positive and don't let it effect you in a negative way.

I'll put my hand up and agree that I'm often one to think negatively and let small things effect me and put me in a unhappy mood. When I'm stressed or under pressure I sometimes let that effect the way I may come across with other people without realising it. The idea of the challenge is to try and push yourself and train yourself to be positive without consciously thinking of it. If within them 30 days you fail and respond to a certain situation in a negative way or speak to someone in away you wouldn't deem positive you would then have to restart the challenge until you complete the full 30 days.

This challenge doesn't have to start at any particular time and you don't have to even let anyone know your doing it. Its down to you and you only to decide if this is something you want to embark in for 30 days.

To some people this challenge might seem daft but to me I think its something that could help to shape me into a more positive and happy person. I may not start it today, I may not start it next week, I may not even start it next month. But when I do I know it will be because I'm ready.

If you decide to take on this challenge let me know how you get on and let me know what your thoughts are or any feeling you get that you may feel needs changing.

D xxx

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