Sunday, 31 January 2016

Whats in my Bag?

I've seen this tag going round for years! I love it. (Plus I'm very nosey!!)

I recently was very lucky to receive a gorgeous Michael Kors bag for my 22nd Birthday of my lovely boyfriend so I thought what better opportunity then to do a what's in my bag post.

This bag is so so gorgeous. Its called the 'MICHAEL KORS
Bedford large leather cross-body bag' I believe we got it from Selfridges. It has a department to keep your phone and a section to put loose lipsticks and other little things you want to keep safe in one place. Considering it is a clutch size bag you can fit a good amount of stuff in it.
The reason behind me getting this bag was because my boyfriend was tired of us going on days out shopping etc. and I moan because I have a massive handbag with stuff in it I clearly won't need that day and it weighed me down. So he wanted to get me a little bag which allows me to only carry the essentials with me.
Now onto what's in my bag...
My Purse! I got this Christmas 2014 for a Christmas present. Its a Ted Baker purse and I love it. Its got rose gold detailing on it and it is a purse I believe to stay in very good nick. It great material and I would advice anyone to get a ted baker purse I think they are all so beautiful and they do so many different versions.
My Keys. I love to add key rings to my keys that signify different memories from my life. I'm going to ensure every time I go on holiday I get a keyring to represent what a wonderful time I had.
On my keys I have a keyring from Mykonos to show my first ever holiday with my boyfriend. I also have keyring from Rome to show the different places we visited when we was there. I also have a fluffy owl because.... why not?
My go to everyday favourite Mac Lipstick. 'Please Me' I love it because its very subtle but shows you have something on. As you can see from the above picture its well used. This is my second tube and I can't get enough of it still.
Its super creamy on the lips and leaves a lovely matte finish. I love the smell of Mac lipsticks and I love the fact they genuinely last all day even after eating and drinking. I will 100% be repurchasing again after I'm out of this one.

As these winter days get colder and colder I literally couldn't live without this Nivea Lip balm. It keeps my lips hydrated all day round and whenever they start to crack and become dry I whip this out and they feel instantly better! Its so affordable and is one of my favourite lip balms. It doesn't taste of much its very bland but its just a nice clear balm and is very subtle. I do have the Pearly Shine lip balm as well but I don't like the colour it leaves on my lips!

I hope you enjoyed this little blog post just something fun I thought I'd do on this miserable Sunday!

D xxx

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